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Bottle Set – Wild Ales


This curated 4 bottle selection will feature 4 Appalachian Wild Ales.

Without further ado, we’d like to introduce y’all to June’s drop of curated Wile Ale offerings:

  • Kriek – an Appalachian lambic-style spontaneously fermented ale conditioned on local sweet cherries courtesy of our friends at Ayers Orchard of Cana, Virginia. 6.2%
  • Razzmatazz Remix – Appalachian wild ale fermented with red and black raspberries. 6.4%
  • What I Love – Appalachian wild ale fermented with local/native muscadine grapes and local red raspberries. 6.4%
  • High Like A Dove – Appalachian wild ale fermented with local blueberries and conditioned on vanilla and nutmeg. 6.4%

Pre Sale for this bottle set is 06/11 – 06/20 and shipping will begin on 06/21.

ABV: 6.4%%

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